The future of drug delivery is here.

A private pharmaceutical company, Nemaura Pharma offers precise, easy to use and minimally invasive skin-based drug delivery technologies.

Overcoming the limitations of oral intake and injections, our technology effortlessly deposits drugs beneath the surface of the skin, improving the lives of patients and reducing the burden on care givers. 

Fast with minimal pain, our systems are designed to enhance the delivery of almost any drug, old or new.

About Us

Our Technology.

Specialising in delivering drugs to and through the skin and surface mucosa, our skin-delivery technologies allow drug dosages to be tailored to individual patient needs, providing controllable on-demand therapy that seamlessly fits into daily life.

A low cost, easy to use device for self-injection of drugs and vaccines. Can improve compliance, and avoid vaccine stability issues, and can reduce the cost and time incurred to be vaccinated.

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Technology & Applications

Minimal pain. Maximum effect.

Minimally invasive and convenient, our skin delivery systems can help enhance the safety, efficacy and effectiveness of drugs, while reducing side effects and costs to positively impact patient wellness and compliance.

Clinical Outcomes