Getting under the skin of drug delivery.

A private specialist biotech company, Nemaura Pharma is strategically positioned to work with global pharmaceutical companies, as well as new biotechnology companies, to successfully bring both new and old drugs to patients in superior delivery formulations and systems. Ultimately, we aim to improve patient lifestyle and quality of life.

Our advanced drug delivery systems are designed to increase the effectiveness and safety of therapeutic drugs, while also reducing complications due to patient non-compliance, and mitigating the side effects of less efficient delivery systems.

Minimally invasive, our systems can lead to significantly improved healthcare and patient management.

Key Facts

Many biologics and new drugs must be administered with needles and syringes

Self-administration is difficult and painful, poor patient compliance leads to hospitalisation

Our systems improve drug delivery and enhance compliance in a minimally invasive format.

The value of the skin drug delivery market is expected to reach $40 billion by 2018

Research by Frost & Sullivan has revealed a growing desire for new drug delivery forms

Both patients and physicians view skin drug delivery systems as their method of choice.

$2.6bn is the estimated cost of developing and bringing a new drug to market

Developing a superior delivery formulation for an existing drug can take just four years and less

There is a huge opportunity to differentiate old drugs by incorporating superior delivery advantages with tangible benefits.

Nemaura Pharma is ISO9001 and ISO13485 accredited.

We have an in-house clean room for cGMP manufacture of investigational medicinal products, under aseptic conditions.

We also have an in-house design and prototyping facility for medical devices, using medical grade materials, and possess a Home office license for controlled drugs.

Our partners for commercial manufacture include state-of-the-art facilities for transdermal patch manufacture.

Quality as standard