Clinical Outcomes.

Addressing the challenges of delivering drugs into the body.

Many new drugs are terminated during development due to a lack of adequate formulation or system for delivering these into the human body in a safe and effective way.

Additionally, billions of dollars’ worth of drugs come off patent each year which could benefit from improved ways of being delivered into the body.

Our innovative advanced drug delivery technologies can breathe new life into these drugs, whether old or new.

For drugs currently under development, our skin delivery systems can help enhance their safety, efficacy and effectiveness to positively impact patient wellness and compliance.

Significant clinical benefits.

Suitable for solid or liquid dose drugs, our transdermal technologies address unmet clinical needs, and offer:


Delivering drugs below the surface of the skin, our technology is minimally invasive, therefore leading to minimal pain or discomfort.


Our transdermal technology allows drug dosages to be accurately administered, allowing controllable on-demand therapy, with minimal operator dependence.


Easy to use, our devices will improve compliance and therefore improve patient quality of life. Significant savings can also be made where nurses and carers were previously required for drug administration.


Avoiding the first-pass effect of liver metabolism, our technology helps reduce side effects associated with oral drug delivery, to maximise both effectiveness and patient compliance.


Biologic drugs are prone to degradation by stomach acids if taken orally. The key alternative is a syringe and needle. Our systems allow the delivery of biologics in a minimally invasive manner, using ergonomically designed devices that will aid self-administration.